5 Best High Protein Breakfasts for Fat Loss (FAST & EASY!!)


The best high protein breakfasts can be found in our 90 day fitness and nutrition system

These high protein breakfasts are some of the best fat loss breakfasts around because the high protein content will help you build muscle and burn fat. These are also easy fat loss breakfasts because they require little to no preparation. So get ready to learn some of the best breakfasts for fat loss, and incorporate them into your own personal meal plan.

Each of these easy fat loss breakfasts incorporates a major protein source: Greek yogurt, protein powder, or eggs. Additionally you can add additional protein to these fast high protein breakfasts by including additional protein powder or Greek yogurt in some of the recipes. These are the best fast high protein breakfasts for anyone who works 9 to 5 or who is always on the go!

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Here are the 5 best breakfasts for fat loss:

1) Greek Yogurt – Ready to go containers
2) Smoothies
3) Boiled Eggs and a piece of Fruit
4) Omelets
5) Overnight Oats

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