Best Exercises For Strong Butt


While walking up the stairs the other night, my husband following me, he reached up and touched my butt, which kind of took me by surprise. When you’re married for over 10 years with two young kids, I hate to admit it, but those little subtle moments of affection are few and far between. “Damn, your butt looks good,” he said, and I knew why.

If there’s one thing CrossFit has done for me, it’s grown and shaped my butt. But it’s not just for looks (although I do feel more confident in my leggings and do love when my husband notices), but it’s also made me feel stronger and more explosive when skiing, running, hiking, and swimming. It seems like just about every day in CrossFit, my butt and legs get worked. It makes me walk funny the next day, but that’s why I love it! Here are the glute-building exercises I do every week.

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