In its second year, HLTH is offering a smorgasbord of programs designed to facilitate networking at its conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas October 27-30. Source link
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The biotech company had kept the drug available at the higher list price in order to give payers and pharmacy benefit managers time to adjust contracts and minimize supply chain disruptions. Source link
With technological advances in healthcare; greater patient involvement and empowerment; and a greater overall focus on reducing costs and improving health outcomes, pharmacists are a key cog in the wheel of change. Source link
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States are weighing the price of curing those infected with hep C using the new drugs against the medical and economic costs of long-term care for those with untreated infections. Source link
Data on four of nine patients in a Phase I/II study presented at a conference in Spain met or exceeded the threshold agreed to with regulators for the company’s Phase II trial of the therapy, RP-L102. Source link
If you work in a hospital and you’re not a security professional, IT professional, or executive, you probably never even think about cybersecurity. And that’s exactly the problem. Source link
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Here’s a preview of the agenda and speakers for the ENGAGE at HLTH conference, a joint collaboration between MedCity News and HLTH. Source link
Deal value for the third quarter fell sharply from what it was in the first and second quarter, but that was due to the absence of the large acquisitions that took place earlier this year rather than an overall downward trend. Source link
The legality of designed drugs must be addressed given the ease with which anyone can buy them and especially because of the addiction crisis we are currently experiencing. Source link
The partnership will have a particular focus on therapies to treat sickle cell disease and HIV, with each party committing $100 million to the effort. Source link

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