From bringing in a mere 350 scientists in an embattled field 12 years ago, this year’s Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Cell and Gene Meeting brought in more than 1,200. Source link
Report sounds alarm about Brexit risks to UK clinical trials environment
The Fitch Solutions report, released this week, notes that the number of clinical trials taking place in the UK has already fallen more than 25 percent. Source link
Your Sleep Tracker Probably Isn’t Very Good at Tracking Your Sleep
Jawbones and Fitbits are fine, but there are still some health insights that your own brain figures out better. Like this one: How did you sleep last night? In a recent Reddit AMA, Ying-Hui Fui, a sleep scientist at the University of California, San Francisco, explained that while wearables...
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A panel at the MedCity Engage conference in San Diego on Nov. 6 will delve into the methods companies are undertaking to improve price transparency and the potential impact that price transparency could have on lowering larger healthcare costs. Source link
7 Questions To Ask Your Employer About Wellness Privacy
If your company hasn’t launched a wellness program, this might be the year. As benefits enrollment for 2016 approaches, more employers than ever are expected to nudge workers toward plans that screen them for risks, monitor their activity and encourage them to take the right pills, food and exercise. This...
826 reasons for shareholders to be happy
I am a venture capitalist in California and believe that the state’s SB 826 bill that just passed requiring public companies headquartered in the state to have women on corporate boards will be a boon for shareholders. Here’s why. Source link
The New Health And Fitness Features On The Apple Watch Series 4 We’re Excited About
The New Apple Watch Series 4 Features We’re Excited About The updated Apple Watch has new SOS and heart-tracking features ...
Seven organizations including Accenture and Leidos make up Cerner’s core partners in the process, and 17 other companies are considered premier partners. Source link
The New Polar Vantage V Fitness Tracker Measures Your Running Power
The New Polar Vantage V Measures Running Power Polar has refreshed its GPS multi-sport watch line-up with two new wearables ...
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A Kaiser Family Foundation report highlights how healthcare cost growth continue to outstrip wage growth as the prevalence of high-deductible plans continue to tick up. Source link

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