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California’s recurrent power outages this year by Pacific Gas & Electric Co. and Southern California Edison, in response to wildfire threats up and down the state, have forced patients to think about how they get care when the power is cut at hospitals and clinics.Source link
BAD HOMBURG, GERMANY – The first patients are about to be enrolled in the EuroPN survey, a clinical study that will assess the nutritional balance and focus on functional outcomes of critically ill patients in about 100 hospitals across 11 European countries. The survey is an important...
For Healthcare Professionals: “Talking to Patients About Using the Nutrition Facts Label”video
One of the simplest ways patients can make daily decisions that have lasting impact is by using the Nutrition Facts Label (NFL) on food and beverage packages. This video for health professionals is being made available through a collaboration between the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the...
Uber and Cerner jointly announced on Monday that Uber’s app will now directly integrate into Cerner’s electronic health record so that care teams will be able to schedule patients for pick-up and drop-off for their non-emergency medical appointments.Source link
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With more individuals exploring their family tree, it’s reasonable to believe many of them are als intent to get a handle on their potential for various hereditary diseases. With that in mind, Ochsner Health has launched a digital population health pilot program.Source link
In an interview, Landmark Health Chief Medical Officer and co-founder Dr. Michael Le said house calls provide a way for healthcare providers to get a better understanding of their patients needs and challenges. Landmark will take part in the HLTH conference next week.Source link
Physio excercises for patients with metacarpal fracturesvideo
Senior hand therapist Henry Lusby guides the patient through the physiotherapy exercises required after a metacarpal fracture. source
Hospitals have become so overzealous in fall prevention that they are producing an “epidemic of immobility,” according to experts by keeping patients in their beds.Source link
Diet Plan for Fatty Liver Patients in Hindivideo
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