This Trainer Shows How a Resistance Band Can Take Any Workout to the Next Level


One of my favourite fitness influencers and trainers, Stefanie Williams, just showed us what all of our workouts are missing: a resistance band. You may have limited the use of one for booty-enhancing moves and weight-free exercises, but here’s why you should begin adding a band to your weightlifting sessions, also.

“Adding a band to these exercises makes them so much harder in all the right places,” Stef Fit wrote in her caption with a peach emoji.

In her video above, she shows off four moves: thrusters (squat and press) with a barbell, squats with a loaded barbell, monster walks and side steps with no weights, and deadlifts with a loaded barbell. Our muscles are aching just from watching her.

If your skills qualify, try 10 to 12 reps of each exercise.

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