Total Nutrition Assessment: Improve Compliance & Outcomes | Fullscript Webinar


Today patients take in nutrients from a range of sources – foods, beverages, supplements, skincare, sprays etc. – which combine to impact their health. Labs, biometrics, and other tests give you important patient data but they don’t tell you the critical data about what’s going into and on your client’s body most often. For this, you need to develop personalized, doable nutrition recommendations.

Join Ashley Koff RD, CEO The Better Nutrition Program for an introduction to total nutrition assessment tools and a few case studies demonstrating their ability to improve your efficiency, patient compliance and to provide a competitive business advantage.

What You’ll Learn:
– What is “total nutrition assessment”?
– How you can use total nutrition assessments to complement your current assessments to develop personalized recommendations?
– How to make it easier to identify which supplemental nutrients, and forms to recommend for patients to improve their total nutrition compliance.
– Get strategies for optimizing your Fullscript store, education tools, marketing efforts to grow your business.

Stay healthy 🙂


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